Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's happening to Endangered Species?

I heard they might make some changes that will put endangered species at risk. Can this be right? This story says it will be bad for endangered species.
Here's an update on endangered species.

I think we need to do better to protect the earth and endangered animals. What do you think? You can send a message here-- click on this. Tell them to do more to help endangered animals. Not less.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Could Tapirs be coming to Riverbanks Zoo?

I heard that since Monte the Hippo died at Riverbanks, they probably won't get another hippo. But I have recently learned they are looking for tapirs for that exhibit. Here's a picture of a tapir:
I think getting tapirs would be great. They haven't been at Riverbanks for ten years. And hardly anyone has seen a tapir. Click here for some interesting facts about tapirs.

There are four species of tapirs. All are endangered. They are pig-like in shape, but related to rhinos. They have little trunks called a probiscus.

I've seen tapirs at San Francisco Zoo, Animal Kingdom, and National Zoo. I really hope they do get tapirs.