Sunday, September 21, 2008


You don't have to go to zoos or national parks to find nature or interesting animals. These are hummingbirds right in my backyard that visit our feeder everyday in the summer. They stay around here until November.

Did you know that they are the smallest birds and their wings beat about 50 times a second? They live about three or four years. They are carnivores. They are eating this nectar for energy to catch the bugs. In the Winter they migrate South to Mexico and Central America. They fly alone, not in flocks. You should get a feeder and find some hummingbirds in your yard soon. Watch my video:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Please Stop Hunting Wolves

Everybody who reads my blog knows I like Barack Obama and met him one time. I want a president who likes animals and will protect the earth.

I received an email about Sarah Palin with this video. This video is called Brutal for a good reason. I don NOT agree with her.

Sarah Palin, if you are reading this, stop hunting wolves or you will lose!

Ricki Van Gough

Ricki the Rockhopper Penguin is now a famous artist. He lives at Riverbanks Zoo. You can buy his artwork here!
Wow, not bad!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rocky the Beagle

I have a Beagle named Rocky I got about a year ago. He's a very friendly dog. He loves everyone. Even our Maine Coon Cat Fanny. (But Fanny does not want to be friends with him). We adopted Rocky from a dog shelter. He was born to a breeder who bred mini-Beagles. The first owners moved and couldn't keep him. Rocky loves to play, run around, chase squirrels, howl at other dogs, and get patted.

A video is coming soon about Rocky.