Sunday, November 22, 2009

I moved!

Remember my post about me moving?Well I finally did!Yes it is nice up here though rainy a lot.My dog and cat also like it.We also are getting a lot of deer in my yard.It is nice and I live on the island of Bainbridge off the coast of Seattle.If you are wondering what it looks like here is a map of it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am moving to seattle

Goodbye South Carolina. I am moving to Seattle! I am not sure when exactly because we are still trying to sell the house. I hear lots about the Seattle zoo and I also hear about Orca whales in Puget Sound. Another thing I heard is that there are grizzly bears in Washington state

New zoos, aquariums, national parks. I cant wait to go to Seattle soon!

News about Endangered Species

Well this is a good start. President Obama has changed back a few of the rules for endangered species, so that's good news.

Speaking of endangered animals, the San Francisco Zoo has a new baby Western lowland gorilla.
His name is Hasani. I've been to the San Francisco Zoo. It's very nice.

I keep meaning to do more posts but I don't get as much computer time as before.