Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baghdad Zoo Hero-- Exclusive Interview!

In an earlier post I wrote about the Baghdad Zoo. I also did a post about a book on the rescue of its animals, and then a post on how it might be made into a movie.

Well, I just did an e-mail interview with the hero who saved Baghdad Zoo, Lawrence Anthony. He's the guy on the left. Here it is:

I live in Columbia South Carolina USA. I have a blog about animals and wrote about you on it twice.
Thanks for your letter and your support on your blog. It is much appreciated.

You must be very brave! What was the scariest part of saving the zoo?
The scariest part about being in Baghdad was the war going on around us, especially in the beginning before the end of “major hostilities.”

When will the movie come out?
As regards to the movie, I believe it is a slow process but from what I have been told it is now under way. You could follow the progress like I do with a Google alert for “Good luck Mr Anthony.”

Have you seen any Rhinos where you live at Thula Thula (South Africa)?
We have Rhino on Thula Thula which I see regularly when I am out in the reserve.

Have any animals ever wandered into your house?
We often have animals wander into our garden, and on occasion we take in abandoned or injured animals and release them once they have recovered.

Congratulations on your book and movie.
Thank you. Please let me know what you think of the book if you read it.