Friday, May 4, 2007

Meerkats and gorillas and grizzly bears, oh my!

Have you ever heard of the Riverbanks Zoo? I've mentioned it in some of my postings.

When I first visited five years ago, I thought it was a really good zoo. There have been lots of changes since then. The polar bear is gone, and that's probably good since it's so hot in South Carolina, and he's at a colder place now. And the rhino is gone too. But Riverbanks keeps getting better, with the grizzly bears, the koala, the gorillas, the elephants and the bird house.
I once had a private tour of the elephant house from zoo director Palmer Satch Krantz II, and met Tumpy the Elephant. And I also met a diver as he dove into the fish tank.
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I like the way the grizzlies walk around. The meerkats always seem hard at work. I like to see the hippo come up for air.
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You can see animals at Riverbanks you might never get a chance to see. It's educational. And when people see them, I think they'll like animals more, and feel like they want to save them. Why do you like zoos?