Thursday, June 21, 2007

My tiger encounter

This isn't something you get to do every day...bottle feed a rare Golden Tabby Tiger!!!

I was very excited to hold a real tiger at Preservation Station at Myrtle Beach this week. My eyes grew wide when I saw them bringing the tiger out. I've seen tigers on TV and in zoos, but this was the first time I got to hold one.

Here I am holding the tiger with my sister. It is also kown as a Golden Bengal, and there are only about 24 of this kind of tiger left in the world.

A tiger's fur feels soft, but rough at the same time. It was amazing to look into its light green eyes. The only sound it made was slurping on its bottle. The whole thing only lasted a minute or two, but it was cool.

I love tigers. At Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia they have Siberian tigers. They are also endangered with only about 500 left in the world. Learn more about how to help save the tiger.