Monday, April 30, 2007

Flocks of Carolina Parakeets

The Carolina Parakeet used to be all over the South. But like the passenger pigeon, they were all shot down. Extinct! The last Carolina Parakeet died at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1918, the same spot the last passenger pigeon died in 1914! I wrote about the passenger pigeon a few weeks ago.

The Carolina Parakeet was the only North American Parrot. They filled the skies in South Carolina. There were more of them than Robins. I wish I could look up and see those colorful birds flying around today. Can you imagine flocks of wild parakeets in your yard?
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There are so many birds today in danger of extinction. Click here for ways to help! You should stop using poisons and pesticides in your yard, and protect the water. Check out these important bird areas.
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