Wednesday, April 18, 2007

From billions to zero

One out of every four bird species in the USA is in trouble! Two out of three species in the world are declining! Hard to beleive?

Once there were billions of passenger pigeons. It was the most numerous bird on the planet. They were colorful and could fly 70 miles an hour! They were hunted like crazy, and a hunter even said "Don't worry. There are so many, we can't kill them all." But at the Cincinnati Zoo, the very last passenger pigeon died in September 1914. Extinct!

I've seen two stuffed passenger pigeons. One at the Museum of Science in Boston last summer, and one this March at the Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. But I'll never get to see a real one.

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Will we let more birds go extinct? What can you do about it? Learn more about the birds in your yard and neighborhood. You can plant wild flowers and trees for the birds and butterflies. Build a birdfeeder so birds will use it during the winter. The Audubon says write letters. Talk to your parents about things your family can do at home. Any other suggstions?

What will you do to help the birds in your town? Let me know!