Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A New Noah's Ark for Aardvarks to Zorrillas

Scientists in Texas are storing DNA of endangered species to plan for their future if they go extinct. They say they are on a mission to save the world's endangered species from extinction. They are storing frozen eggs and DNA of animals that are dangerously close to disappearing. Years from now scientists could use the DNA to reintroduce the animals. China is also trying to clone Pandas, which are very endangered and could become extinct within 25 years.

And there's this story about the Natural History Museum in London working hard to save upDNA and every single fact about all life on earth.

Even if it's too late for the Dodo Bird, the thylacine and so may other beautiful animals, it's a good idea.But wouldn't it be better if we just took better care of the earth and stopped the extinctions?