Monday, October 22, 2007

Meet Gilbert, the Rockhopper Penguin

Gilbert is a Rockhopper at Riverbanks Zoo. My sister and I had the chance to meet him at Zoo Adventures. It was a very interesting experience, touching a rockhopper penguin. It felt very soft when it was wet, but it felt VERY soft when it was dry.
Rockhoppers are small and aggressive, and live in the sub-Antarctic islands. They feed mostly on krill, fish and squid. Rockhoppers aren't endangered, but some penguins are in danger due to global warming and habitat loss. Here's some video-- watch the way he walks down the stairs!

I've had the chance to touch many exotic animals in my life so far-- tiger, gibbon, chimp, elephant, giraffe, macaw, zebu, yak, oryx, boa, zebra-- and now Gilbert. When I meet animals so close, it makes me want to help animals even more.