Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Right Way to Save Right Whales?

Right whales got their names because they were the "right whales" to catch since they have lots of fat and oil, and because they floated after they were harpooned. They are very intelligent mammals. They can be found off the coast of South Carolina especially in the winter and spring.

But unfortunately, the right whale could become extinct very soon. Some say less than 400 are left in the whole world. Fishing nets are killing them. Speeding ships are too--here's a picture of one killed this year by a big ship.
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This story about right whales showed up in my e-mail. It says they are not even sure how to save the right whale now. The laws are too weak. Click here to listen to a save the whale song.

These beautiful animals swim right off our coast. Do you think we should try to save the right whale from extinction?