Friday, October 12, 2007

Hoooooowwlll! Wolf Awareness Week

Did you know October 9 to 14 is Wolf Awareness Week? I think it's great to stop and think about any endangered animals. Especially an animal so misunderstood like the gray wolf.

Native Americans admired gray wolves, and tried to copy their cleverness and hunting ability. But in the 20th Century, we hunted wolves almost to extinction in the U.S. That's because farmers were worried about their livestock. And fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood taught people to fear the wolf, even though there is no recorded killing of a human by a wolf.

But some people tried to save the gray wolf from extinction. They became listed as endangered animals. Now the Yellowstone wolves are a great success story. You can read about it here.

But this Time article says there might be trouble ahead for the gray wolf again. If you want to help the gray wolf, click here and send a letter.

I've never heard the howl of a wolf in the wild, but I hope I can someday.

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